Multicomponent natural peptide bioregulators

Cell Regeneration and Activation

Human body


Peptides are short chains of amino acids, small proteins which are essential building blocks of our body and vital biological entities capable to trigger restoration processes at the cellular level. Once in the cell, peptides accelerate the process of protein biosynthesis.

Each peptide premix is organ-selective and targets and restores cells of a certain body organ.  Peptides enter the bloodstream through the gastrointestinal tract and then into the cells of the damaged organ, triggering the mechanisms of natural regeneration using to the internal reserves of the body.

Short natural peptides of animal origin have a therapeutic effect as they have the necessary size (1/5000 mm) to enter the cell. The peptide chain consists of 2-5 amino acids. The molecular weight depends on the premix: 280.34 g/mol — 588.55 g/mol.



  • maintain natural regulation of biological processes in organism on a cellular level
  • eliminate causes of diseases
  • strengthen the immunity
  • regulate protein synthesis
  • prevent ageing

Peptides are natural metabolites of our organism.

  • non-toxic and safe
  • no allergy or overdose

My Real Way peptide bioregulators can be combined with any groups of medications and integrated into any therapy.




  • Peptides trigger cell synthesis
  • Minerals rearrange amino acids in the right order
  • Vitamins give energy to minerals to rearrange amino acids
  • Enzymes start the work of vitamins
  • Plant extracts activate cellular metabolism


  • Preserves therapeutic properties of nutrients and promotes their entry into the blood stream through the small intestine
  • Protects nutrients from oxygen and sunlight
  • Unlike gelatin capsules, our herbal capsule dissolves slower
  • Promotes gradual release of nutrients throughout the passage of the digestive tract and their better absorption by the cells 


MULTICOMPONENT NATURAL PEPTIDE BIOREGULATORS for natural regeneration and cell activation

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